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Lightness and strength compiled together

Features and Benefits :

Ultra thin: The new generation of Airwear lenses is made up of high index material and offers an extremely enhanced look. With a refractive index of 1.59 plus aspheric design features, Airwear lenses are up to 30% thinner when compared to standard plastic lenses.

All Airwear Aspheric stock lenses in minus powers over 2D are produced with a centre thickness of 1.1mm. This lens makes the people notice you instead of your lens.

  • UV Protection: With a UV cut out of 385nm, Airwear absorbs 100% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB radiation while maintaining a "water white" lens colour
  • Ultra Light: Airwear lenses are remarkably light, so the lenses rest easily on your face. Wearing Airwear is almost like wearing no lense at all and when compared to the others, are up to 38% lighter than standard plastic lenses
  • Ultra Scratch Resistance: All Airwear lenses come standard with TD2; Essilor's double layered tough, durable, 2-sided hard coating which absorbs shocks without cracking. It is twice as scratch resistant as standard hard coated plastic
  • Ultra Tough: Airwear lenses are 12 times tougher than cr
  • Ultra Flat: All Airwear lenses are designed to be flat while maintaining optical performance. Airwear aspheric lenses use base curves, that on an average of 38% are more flat when compared to standard plastic to offer a cosmetically pleasing result while giving the wearer optimal vision