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Titus stands as one of the worlds's most trusted scratch-resistant lenses.

There's glass. There's ordinary plastic. And now there's Essilor Titus. The No-Compromise spectacle lenses, are extremely light-weight and scratch-resistance.

Designed by Essilor, France the worldwide leader in corrective eyewear, Titus provides you the utmost comfort and a perfect scratch-free vision.

Advantages of Essilor Titus:

  • Superior scratch-resistance: The lens has the world's best scratch-resistance ensuring that your vision is perfectly clear
  • Light as a feather: The lens is extremely comfortable and no unsightly marks appear on your nose-bridge like those made by the other ordinary heavy lenses
  • Added safety: These lenses do not break easily and are thus, perfect for people with active life-styles. They are also best suited for children
  • Perfect for fashionable frames: These lenses are ideal for fitting in semi-rimless and rimless frames, thus enabling you to wear the latest in fashion eyewear

Their collection is extremely versatile and is available with anti-reflection coating and photo-chromic options. So you need just one lens for all occasions.