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World's most sought after affordable anti-reflective lens.

Trio, a clearer, safer and more affordable multi-coat option from Essilor, France.

No anti-reflective coating.

Trio anti-reflective coating.

What are the advantages of Essilor Trio?

  • Superior scratch resistance and a good multi-coat ensure that your vision is perfectly clear
  • An affordable hard multi-coated lens that promises you maximum benefits from your lenses. These lenses are virtually invisible and improve the way people see you and communicate with you
  • Good anti-reflective performance, with a transmission efficiency of 97%, to keep your lenses clear, without any reflections on the surface
  • The smooth top coat makes these lenses easier to clean when compared to the standard lenses
  • Perfect for fashionable frames. These lenses are ideal for fitting in semi rimless and rimless frames, thus enabling you to wear the latest in fashionable eye wear

So don't compromise on your vision. Just switch to Essilor Trio and you'll notice that there is a lot more in life to look forward to.

Trio Easy Clean - Now, dust and smudges will not trouble your vision.
As the name suggests, Trio Easy Clean helps reduce the problem caused because of smudges and dust. This coating makes it hard for smudges or dust to stick to the lens, thus ensuring that nothing comes between eyes and clear vision. It also offers a superior anti-reflective performance, hence reducing the unwanted glare which affects clear vision. Trio Easy Clean also gives you a superior scratch resistant property, thanks to Titus inside.